Treasury Services

Treasury Services

Treasury Services is one the key component of the Bank.   All the inflows and outflows of funds are monitored by treasury.  Pricing and marketing of all wholesale liabilities is done here.   Assets Liabilities Management forms one of the important functions of the treasury.  Trading in Foreign exchange is undertaken by the department.  Trading in money markets, securities and bonds is an important function including risk management.

Individual and Corporate Customers

  • Are you traveling abroad?
  • Are you going for medical treatment abroad?
  • Do you have to send money to your children studying, relatives or friends overseas?
  • Do you receive money from your relatives/friends living abroad?
  • Do you have relatives/friends coming to visit Mauritius from overseas?
  • Are you buying or selling properties/assets overseas?
  • Do you import or export goods or services?
  • Do you need to protect against currency exposure?

If you have any of the above requirements, we shall be pleased to welcome you at the nearest MauBank branch or talk to us on 207-9999.

At MauBank, customers have the opportunity to negotiate exchange rates for different foreign currencies for amounts above MUR 50,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies.  During office hours, our FX Dealers will be pleased to provide up to date information on exchange rates and clients have the option to fix any exchange rate based on actual market conditions.

Currency Risk Management
Currency risk arises because the value of a currency fluctuates due to supply and demand mainly. A customer conducting international business will have its revenues/expenditures fluctuate due to currency risk. Currency risk management will help to protect your business from the negative impact of currency fluctuations while allowing you to benefit from any favourable exchange rate movements. MauBank can help you manage exchange risk through the following foreign exchange products.

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