Smart Account

Smart Account

The MauBank Smart account is a great way to teach your children good savings habits, whilst helping save for their future. A minimum of only MUR 200 is required to open the account and this can be from the Government Savings Scheme voucher given to children at birth. Standing orders from Parent accounts at MauBank to the MauBank Smart account are also free

Basic features

  • Minimum initial deposit ( MUR 500 for the SMART account or MUR 200 with the SCS voucher)
  • Minimum amount to earn interest MUR 3,000
  • Interest payment Calculated daily & credited half yearly (May & Nov)
  • Applicable interest rates - As per tariff structure


  • Earn interest when you save (minimum balance to be maintained to earn interest)
  • Smart account is accessible to 0-17 years’ customers
  • Free monthly standing orders from parent’s MauBank to Smart account.
  • Additional three vouchers of MUR 200 for each vaccination up to 3 years – applicable only for public hospitals
  • Internet Banking access with view option only
  • Free monthly e-statement for follow-up on account
  • Junior Card available as from 12 years old with withdrawal limit of MUR 200 or 500

How to open an account?

You may download the account opening form here and visit any MauBank branch with the SCS voucher or MUR 500 (If applicable) around the island to open your account. Click here to view a list of MauBank branches.

What do I need to open an account?

  • Birth Certificate of Minor
  • National ID card of Legal guardian
  • Proof of address (CEB, CWA or MT bill) - less than 3 months
  • If the bill is in the name of the legal guardian’s parent or spouse, please bring along the birth certificate or marriage certificate of the legal guardian respectively.



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