Bank Drafts

Bank drafts offer a convenient and secure means of payment, and are more easily negotiated than postal money orders and are less vulnerable than cash to loss or theft.

I/We fully understand and agree that:

a) My/our statement of accounts and other information may be sent to me/us by electronic mail for all existing and future accounts at MauBank.

b) I/We have the sole responsibility for maintaining security of my/our e-mail account. I/We must at all-time keep the electronic mail address initially given by me/us specified above active. If I/We change the electronic mail address initially given by me/us or the electronic mail address becomes inactive, I/We shall as soon as possible notify the bank by fax or electronic mail (but not through the Bank website) of such change or of the new valid electronic mail address as the case may be Such notice shall be effective not earlier than 5(Five) bank business days after receipt of the notice by the Bank.

c) I/We must, pursuant to my/our duty under section 58.1 and 58.2 of the Banking Act, verify my/our estatement with reasonable promptness to determine whether any payment was unauthorised and to promptly inform the bank of any unauthorised payment due to any alteration or unauthorized signature.

d) Unless the provision of the Services is either terminated by the Bank or by me/us, I/We shall not receive any hardcopy of the statement of accounts or any other information, except if I/we make a request in writing at any MauBank branch as per existing procedure for such requests.

e) The time of receipt of an electronic mail is the time when it becomes capable of being retrieved by me/us at the electronic address designated by me/us and the electronic mail is presumed to be capable of being retrieved by me/us when it reaches my/our electronic address.

f) The Bank uses automated message to obtain confirmation of the delivery of the electronic mail to me/us.

g) Where the Bank receives the acknowledgement of the receipts of the delivery of the electronic mail, it is presumed that the related electronic mail was received by me/us.

h) The time of despatch of the electronic mail is when it leaves the information system under the control of the Bank.

i) An electronic mail is deemed to be despatched at the place where the Bank has its place of business and is deemed to be received at the place where I/We have my/our place of business/place of habitual residence/registered address (as the case may be) and notwithstanding that the place where the information system supporting an electronic address is located may be different from the place where it is deemed to be received.

j) The Bank is not responsible for any delay, failure of performance, damage, penalty, cost, expense or inconvenience resulting to me/us or any other person from causes beyond the Bank’s control.

K) Even though the Bank shall ensure at all times that communications via internet are secure, the Bank is not liable for any viruses and other malware uploaded to my/our computer devices by third parties or the Bank, its employees or agents. I/We are responsible for checking any documents for viruses or other malware.

l) The provision of the Services by electronic mail may be terminated by the Bank at any time either by written notice given to me/us or public notification or circular or any electronic means issued by the Bank. Such notice will be effective not earlier than 5 (five) banking business days but not later than 10(ten) banking business days.

m) The customer may terminate the receipt of the Services by electronic mail at any time by notice in writing given to the Bank. Such notice will be effective not later than 5 (five) bank business days after receipt of the notice of the Bank.

n) The death or winding up of either the customer or the Bank will not result in the automatic termination of the provision of the services, unless notice of termination has been given in accordance with paragraph (I) and (m) above.

o) I/We understand that if my/our email password is compromised, I/we will have the responsibility of informing the bank immediately. The bank, shall, after receipt of your request, suspend the Service, until further instruction is received from you to reactivate the Service again.

p) I/We should prevent misuse of my/our email account and I/We agree to promptly examine my/our E-Correspondence as soon as I/We receive it.

q) For security and privacy reasons, data transferred via E-Correspondence is password protected. I/We agree to indemnify and keep the Bank harmless from and against any and all charges, complaints, costs, damages, demands, expenses, liabilities, and losses resulting from any unauthorized access to my/our email account for reasons which are beyond the control of the Bank.

r) I/We understand that this service will only become active once I/We activate the service by authenticating my/our email address.


I/We agree that the information may be used to identify and advise me/us by post, telephone or other electronic model of any products and services that your companies in the MauBank Ltd or your associated companies think may be of interest to me/us


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