Internet banking facilities (View and Transact options)
Debit/credit cards linked to the accounts
No maintenance/ledger fees and monthly free estatements

At MauBank, we continuously innovate to improve our quality of service and to come closer to our customers. We have brought an online account opening platform that has revolutionized the way we open accounts.

Call deposit accounts can be opened in all major currencies to suit business requirements and for readily transactions.

Accounts of various structures are entertained at our end – Global business, Trust, Foundation, Fund, Foreign Companies and personal accounts of non-resident individual.

We are proud to be the first bank in Mauritius to have introduced a digital platform which gives our customers the convenience of opening accounts online from their own location, and at their own time, via a paperless straight through process. An international corporate or individual account is opened and activated seamlessly within 2 working days*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Please feel free to contact our team for advice on your other financial and financing requirements. Be sure to get a quick response from us.

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