Our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the public has driven us to introduce the MauBank Financial Support Scheme in order to allow households in need of a loan to avail of one under preferential conditions. 

Effective 03rd July 2023, and for a period of one year customers and non-customers alike will be able to apply for new Home, Education and Equity Loans at concessional rates, and under special conditions.

Home Loan

  • Rate of Interest:  Key rate + 1 %
  • Moratorium on capital repayment
  • Duration:  First 12 months
  • Loan Amount:  Up to Rs 5,000,000
  • Eligibility:  Household Income not exceeding Rs 100,000 per month
  • Refund: Up to Rs 500,000, under the Home Ownership/Loan Payment Schemes

Education Loan

  • Rate of Interest:  Key rate + 1 %
  • Duration:  First 12 months
  • Moratorium on capital repayment:  During study period
  • Loan Amount:  Needs based 
  • Eligibility:  Open

Equity Loan

  • Rate of Interest:  Prime Lending Rate
  • Duration:  12 months
  • Loan Amount:  Up to Rs 500,000
  • Eligibility:  Existing Home Loan Borrower