As a responsible business organization, MauBank recognizes the integral role and responsibilities it has towards society. Driven by a strong commitment to improve the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate, the bank has conscientiously carried forward its CSR programme alongside its business activities. For us, this means pursuing financial growth, but not without keeping an eye on social and environmental concerns that require action. The overall aim of MauBank CSR programme is to bring positive change and impact on society as a whole, while maximizing the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

Recognizing the important role NGOs play in the advancement of social initiatives, MauBank has supported projects implemented by them which will collectively contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Mauritius has committed to achieve.


Association of Disability Service Providers (ADSP) was founded in 2003. ADSP is a specialized needs school for children and young adults having a physical impairment and learning difficulties. Their mission is to provide academic and non-academic education and rehabilitation services to children and young adults with special education needs and promote social inclusion in the community. MauBank has been supporting ADSP for the last six years and collaborating closely with the NGO for infrastructural development, the purchase of a van and specialized equipment for the sensory room amongst other things.


The Trevor Huddleston Association also known as CareCo in Rodrigues was founded with the collaboration of Craft-Aid Mauritius and is active in the field of education and training of children Living with Disabilities and coming from poor families.

Their aim is to increase children’s access to special care for optimal growth and development. The NGO also provides services of audiology, tympanometry, ear-mould making, as well as fitting and programming of hearing aids. The bank has been funding projects of the NGO since 2017 and recently funded the purchase of an audiometer and a tympanometer.

Clef Care Mauritius (CCM)

Clef Care Mauritius (CCM) is an NGO which acts as a facilitator to children born with a cleft and who cannot afford the expenses of surgical interventions, locally or abroad. Its objective is to reach out to patients who need to undergo surgical interventions, with a mission of helping them and bringing a smile to all children and adults born with a cleft. MauBank has supported CCM towards:

  • starter kits to parents of babies born with a cleft – the starter kit comprise special feeding materials for children,
  • surgery costs to patients born with cleft care and,
  • hiring the services of a Speech Therapist.