Visa Contactless Credit Classic

The MauBank Visa Credit Classic card is an ideal one for simplicity, flexibility, and worldwide recognition. Whether you are a student, a young couple, or someone trying to establish credit, apply now for the convenience of owning such a card.

• EMV Chip Card
• Contactless – Tap to Pay
• Daily E-Commerce limit MUR 25,000
• Daily ATM withdrawal Limit MUR 20,000
• Interest Rate 1.80 % monthly
• Annual Fee MUR 230
• Supplementary Card Fee MUR 230 p.a

Visa Contactless Credit Gold

The MauBank Visa credit Gold Card gives you complete peace of mind. Whether you need to carry out your purchases at POS terminals, pay your meals at restaurants, shop online or book a flight, you can do them all easily and securely.

• EMV Chip Card
• Contactless – Tap to Pay
• Daily ATM withdrawal Limit MUR 20,000
• Daily E-Commerce Limit MUR 50,000
• Interest Rate 1.80 % monthly
• Annual Fee MUR 920
• Supplementary Card Fee MUR 575 p.a

Visa Contactless Credit Platinum

The MauBank Visa Credit Platinum card is the choice of clients who want more from their cards. Shop in style with a card that provides you with an enjoyable experience, exceptional purchasing power, and the recognition that you deserve. Coupled with free travel insurance, airport lounge access and purchase protection, your platinum credit card is the perfect option if you are a frequent traveler.

• EMV Chip Card
• Contactless – Tap to Pay
• E-Commerce Limit MUR 100,000
• Daily withdrawal limit MUR 20,000
• Interest Rate 1.80 % monthly
• Annual Fee MUR 1,380
• Supplementary Card Fee MUR 575 p.a

Apply Online Now!

Whether it is your everyday purchases, online shopping or while travelling, MauBank Credit Cards provide you with a hassle-free payment solution. Equipped with the latest secured chip technology, your card comes with a palette of privileges.

A card that is convenient and right for you! Our credit cards have been designed to cater for your needs and match your lifestyle.


  • Optimum protection with the latest chip technology
  • Interest free up to 45 days for all purchases with the card*
  • Low fees
  • Discount from selected partners across Mauritius
  • Accepted in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Accepted at over 25 million locations worldwide, including ATMs and P.O.S and E-commerce (internet) merchants
  • Travel insurance and assistance*
  • Extended Warranty/ Purchase Protection** (send to terms & conditions)
  • Priority Pass – Airport Lounge Access**
  • Exclusive worldwide Privileges through Visa

MauBank Visa Credit Card

  Visa Classic Visa Gold Visa Platinum
EMV Chip Card Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Limit MUR 10,000 MUR 50,000 MUR 200,000
Daily ATM withdrawal MUR 20,000 MUR 20,000 MUR 20,000
Interest Rate 1.80% monthly 1.80% monthly 1.80% monthly
Annual Fee MUR 230 MUR 920 MUR 1380
Supplementary card MUR 230 p.a MUR 575 p.a MUR 575 p.a
Travel Insurance N/A Yes Yes
Lounge Access N/A N/A Yes
Extended warranty N/A N/A Yes
Purchase protection N/A N/A Yes

How to apply for a credit card?

  • Simply visit any MauBank Business Centre
  • Complete the application form
  • Handle the below listed documents

Documents required to apply for a MauBank credit card

  • National Identity card or passport
  • 3 Original salary slip
  • Latest utility bill (CEB, CWA, telephone bill)
  • Work permit
  • Full passport copies (for expatriates only)
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months (only for non-MauBank customers & Self-employed individuals)

Credit Cards Terms & Conditions

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